2018 Annual Conference Agenda

New session added Friday, February 9, 9:45 – 11:15 AM:
Workshop 9G: Utilizing the National Accreditation Commission Classroom Observation Tool to Build Teacher Competency – Presented by Colleen Tracy Haddad, AELL


Session 1 – 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

  • 1A: Talking and Thinking Floor Books Level 1 – Claire Warden
    • This inspirational training course examines the place of consultation in the early years and primary sector and how it can impact upon the planning process, educationalists’ practice and raise attainment. It is designed to look at the way we involve our children from the age of 0 to 12 in planning their learning linked to the curriculum. The course will include motivational strategies to promote effective communication and the recording through Talking and Thinking Floorbooks™, Talking Tubs™, and 3-dimensional Mind-Mapping.
  • 1B: Beyond Staff Evaluations: Planning for Professional and Personal Development – Nar Doumbya, Wisconsin Early Childhood Association
    • Growing a professional staff of teachers dedicated to giving their best to children is much more than an annual performance review covering strengths and weaknesses. Join a conversation about the dynamic nature of staff development with an emphasis on professional development planning and the creation of a vibrant on-site learning environment for your teachers.
  • 1C: Beyond Budgeting – Understanding Revenue, Cost Drivers and Cash Management In Today’s Child Care Environment – Michael Siegler, Happy Hollow Learning Center
    • We are familiar with budgeting, human resources, accounting, and payroll, but do we truly understand cash flow and the items that impact our working cash or lack thereof? This workshop addresses practical ways to manage cash, control profitability and understand the cost drivers that impact our ability to consistently deliver high levels of quality child care.
  • 1D: Challenging Behaviors: Do We Really Have to Say Good-Bye? – Jodi Oye, Agnesian HealthCare: Treffert Center
    • This workshop will look at the Treffert Approach to working with challenging behaviors in preschool children to reduce the number of children expelled from child care. The workshop will teach about the possible causes of the behavior as well as offer strategies to change it.
  • 1E: Culturally Responsive Teaching in Early Childhood Classrooms – Michele Turner, Next Level Consulting & Training
    • An interactive workshop that provides importance of providing a culturally relevant environment and curriculum for all children. This session also helps providers learn how to build a bridge between each child’s family and society.

Session 2 – 1:15 – 2:15 PM

Child Care Licensing Updates – Anne Carmody, DCF – Bureau of Early Care Regulation

Session 3 – 2:30 – 4:00 PM

  • 3A: Talking Tubs and 3D Mind Maps – Claire Warden
    • Participants of this course must have attended Talking and Thinking Floorbooks Level 1 or read Claire Warden’s book Talking and Thinking Floorbooks. This course will explore some of the practical elements in the Talking and Thinking Floorbooks Level 2 course and is designed for those participants who wish to purely focus on using talking tubs and 3D mind-mapping within their educational setting.
  • 3B: Supporting and Sustaining Quality through Developmentally Appropriate Leadership – Steven Erwin, Kaplan Early Learning Company
    • A motivated and effective workforce is vital for the quality of ECE programs. Increasing the quality represents change. This process will require directors to rely on their leadership skills. This session is designed for directors to identify and articulate these challenges and explore strategies that will support developmentally appropriate leadership.
  • 3C: Why Aren’t They Listening to ME? – Janet Duening, Chiave Success
    • Everyone knows that having staff can be difficult, especially when they just don’t seem to listen. This session answers the following questions: How can we be more effective leaders for our staff? What can we do to have a great staff culture? What can we do to avoid losing our minds?
  • 3D: Yoga for Pre-Schoolers – Lori Hawkins, Sankulpa Yoga
    • This workshop gives teachers the tools to use mindfulness and yoga with children in order to help them “be the boss” of their bodies and to manage their big emotions. Take away activities will be provided as well as tools for teachers to manage their own stress.
  • 3E: Yell & Tell – What Are Kids Yelling About? – Jean Davidson, The Davidson Yell and Tell Foundation, Inc and Dan Riedel, Woller-Anger & Company, LLC
    • The Yell and Tell program is aimed at the young child who sees something dangerous, feels afraid and doesn’t know what to do. The program teaches children how to take action and be a hero. Learn about new material and lessons in the Yell and Tell program as well as how to add and use them in your center and curriculum.


Session 4 – 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Keynote: Claire Warden

Don’t miss this keynote session where Claire Warden emphasizes why learning through nature is important, details her journey and how she got where she is, and highlights what continues to motivate her efforts.

Session 5 – 10:15 – 11:30 AM

  • 5A: Adult Role – Interaction vs Interference – Claire Warden
    • Good practice is often about doing nothing! Sometimes we feel the need to fill time and ‘look busy’ and therefore interrupt learning with unnecessary questions or taking over the learning experience. This course explores the appropriate level of interaction educational staff should have in supporting the learning and development of children.
  • SESSION CANCELLED – 5B: Learning Experiences Inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach – Naama Zoran and Rivkie Spalter, Mequon Jewish Preschool
    • Participants in this workshop will learn how any learning experience is a place of joint research between teachers and children, how every experience succeeds to reach the highest potential, and that in any learning moment the teacher is making sure the school’s identity and values are kept, represented and serve as a compass.
  • 5C: Working With Parents – Key To Achievement – Bev Schumacher, Source For Learning
    • Most early learning programs embrace the theory that working with parents as partners is important. Investing in time, energy and resources is needed to bring all families to the partnership level. Join this session to look at the obstacles that challenge the process as well as approaches to build stronger family relationships.
  • 5D: Sales & Marketing Shift – Caroline Jens, Launch Now Agency
    • This workshop focuses on visibility, credibility and lead generation, while helping shift your employee mindset to be about sales. We’ll discuss the importance of establishing goals required for all staff reviews, not just the leadership team.
  • 5E: Math Collections – Laura Schroeder and Karen Beck, University Houses Preschool
    • In this session, we cover creating collections with families and children to use in the classroom in order to teach math through sorting, patterns and grouping. More activities include: acting out math stories in both small and large groups, using math in flannel board stories, and making take home math backpacks for families to check out to bring home.
  • 5F: YoungStar Updates – Bridget Cullen, WI Department of Children and Families
    • DCF staff will present the 2019/2020 Evaluation Criteria changes and facilitate networking and questions regarding YoungStar.
  • 5G: YOU are the Key to Quality! – Angel Stoddard, UW Milwaukee
    • Successful administrators and directors have a specific set of knowledge, skills and dispositions. Attend this session to discover a new tool to help you determine your strengths as a leader/manager, and to explore professional development opportunities to move you from novice, to advanced beginner, to competent, to proficient, and finally to an expert administrator.

Session 6 – 1:15 – 2:45 PM

  • 6A: Conscious Discipline: What the World Needs Now! – Kay Zastrow, Teaching Loving Discipline
    • Does it seem as if the littlest disappointment will transport some children into a whirlwind of emotional and physical upset? Explore how Conscious Discipline provides the emotional support that children want and need while learning more about how to enhance brain development and the Power of Composure. Discover the small differences in teacher and child interactions that result in real differences in learning outcomes.
  • 6B: Professionalism in Child Care – Jen Kovach, JLK Training and Consulting
    • Geared toward teachers who want to be treated as professionals and for directors who struggle with their teachers. This training addresses overall professionalism including appearance, communication, social media use and overall work ethic in child care.
  • SESSION CANCELLED 6C: The Inner Voice of the Teacher – A Key for Quality – Naama Zoran and Rivkie Spalter, Mequon Jewish Preschool
    • This session will focus on a new concept called Pedagogical Awareness that represents the teacher’s ability to reflect in action and find authentic ways to respond to different challenges that arise during the daily life in the class. Tools will be given for elevating the teachers authentic presence in the class.
  • 6D: Performance Evaluations & Professional Development Plans – Sandra Briesath and Suzanne Sackett, Peace Lutheran Preschool
    • Again? Has it really been a year since her last review?! Although most of us dislike giving and getting Performance Evaluations and creating Professional Development Plans, using the right tools leads to improved performance, clearer understanding and a better work environment.
  • 6E: The Facebook Page Reboot: Using Facebook to Market Your Center – Dan Riedel, Woller-Anger & Company, LLC and Dave Linsmeier, Mary Linsmeier Schools
    • Join us for an interactive seminar and look at the impact that using a Facebook page can have on your center. Discuss and learn strategies that can help you create a positive promotions tool when you create or use your center’s page.
  • 6F: From Traditional to WOW! Easy Ideas to Transform Your Space – Tina Ginner Melzl, Learning Styles, LLC and Beverly Anderson, Ebenezer Child Care
    • This workshop will reinvigorate your passion for creating an environment that will provide wonder, spark learning and support a sense of belonging. Examples of materials and pictures of classrooms will be provided. You will leave the session with the ideas and motivation to make changes that will transform your program from traditional to WOW!
  • 6G: Family Engagement: Connecting with Parents within your Program – Stephanie Winkel, Twinkeling Stars ChildCare.
    • Active family engagement is an indicator of high quality childcare. Engagement within your program builds trust between provider and parents as well as between provider and children. Family engagement builds community among those enrolled in your program, leading to lower turnover, better communication and better home-to-school support. In this presentation, Stephanie will provide realistic engagement ideas to use with the families in your program.

Session 7 – 1:15 – 2:45 PM

  • 7A: I Can Handle Kids But Not Their Parents – Jen Kovach, JLK Training and Consulting
    • Do you have staff who are great with kids but struggle to relate to parents? Or are there parents who make your day less than spectacular? We will learn how to build relationships, de-escalate upset parents, and use best communication methods to make our parents happy!
  • 7B: It Won’t Happen At My Center! – Safety and Loss Prevention – Dan Riedel, Woller-Anger & Company, LLC and Mike Kipp, West Bend
    • You may have attended the interactive classroom safety tour in the past, but consider this seminar as Classroom Safety 2.0. Here we present you with new photos, loss prevention information and claims examples that happen in centers like yours daily. Now the question is how to prevent it from happening in your center. Attend this interactive seminar to find out.
  • 7C: Building a Solid S.T.E.M. Foundation for Early Learners – Folashade Olayinka-Bello, Next Door, Milwaukee
    • Thirty percent of Americans say they would rather wash the bathroom than solve a math problem. In response to the inability of American children to meet up with the PISA exam, former President Obama stated that leadership tomorrow depends on how we educate our students today. This training intends to educate early learning educators on how to teach and simplify STEM curriculum for children.
  • 7D: Perfecting Professional Development for Millennials – Blake Kraussel, Discovery Days Child Care
    • This workshop will focus on communicating the importance of investing time, energy and money into developing early childhood educators who are millennials. Understanding how this generation thinks and views work and work-life balance will be key aspects of the seminar. Discussion will include personalizing professional development, how to go about creating professional development programs, and how to generate employee enthusiasm relative to investing in themselves.
  • 7E: There’s an App for That! – Jennifer Graf, Fort Atkinson Preschool and Childcare
    • There’s an app for that! Learn about a variety of apps and websites that can enhance your facility through staff and family communication, lesson planning, staff development and more.
  • 7F: 52 LEADERS: What I Learned in a Year from the Most Influential Advocates in Early Childhood Education – Ron Spreeuwenberg, HiMama
    • This workshop is designed to empower educators, directors and owners as they dive into words of wisdom from other leaders in the childcare space. Look forward to inspirational nuggets of wisdom and words of advice in this workshop!


Session 8 – 8:30 to 9:30 AM

Keynote: I May Not Be Perfect, But Parts of Me Are Excellent – Linda DeMoe

The one thing we all strive for daily is happiness. What we may not realize is that maybe we need to stop the pursuit of happiness and just be happy. Harmony and contentment could be much closer than you realize. This presentation will give you the opportunity to laugh, to cry and to find some peace within your daily life. Listen to the many ways to build self-esteem in yourself as well as those around you. Bring an open mind and an open heart and prepare to be transformed!

Session 9 – 9:45 to 11:15 AM

  • 9A: And How Are the Children? – Linda DeMoe
    • Our children are the one thing in life we would classify as irreplaceable, so we must ask ourselves, “And how are the children?” Based upon years of studies and recent brain development research, we know that increasing a child’s self-worth will result in a peaceful, productive and compassionate adult. This workshop focuses on what we can do to create a safe emotional environment for a child to explore and expand his self-esteem. We will look at strategies and guidance techniques that will help to develop a strong self-worth and self reliance in the children we care for.
  • 9B: Is the Journey Over? Avoiding Child Care Burnout – Jen Kovach, JLK Training and Consulting
    • This workshop is targeted toward staff who have been working in child care for a long time and feel like they’re in a rut. We will discuss overcoming burnout, revitalizing yourself as a professional and self-reflecting to determine what your next steps are.
  • 9C: Advocating for Your Program and Your Profession – Renae Henning, Community Care PS & CC, Inc. and Joan Beck, Willows Christian Child Care Center
    • It may seem daunting to meet with legislators as politics can be difficult to negotiate. Let us teach you ways to be effective with your message to effect the change you need for your program and your profession. You’ll learn how to craft your message, set up a meeting, and follow up with legislators. Collectively we can make a difference and create the change we need. Let us help you become an effective advocate!
  • 9D: Teaching Diversity to Children in Early Learning Programs: Role of Early Learning Educators – Folashade Olayinka-Bello, Next Door, Milwaukee
    • Currently, 45 percent of school populations are now racially and culturally diverse. By 2035, children of color will be in majority and by 2050, children of color will represent 62 percent of early learning and school age children. Therefore, for children to thrive they must develop positive self-identity. It becomes paramount for educators to learn how to challenge stereotypes amongst children by learning how to teach diversity.
  • 9E: Digital Assistant and Hands-Free Documentation – Patricia Wooldridge, Mariposa Learning Center
    • Learn how to use a digital assistant (such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home) to capture documentation handsfree (via GrowthChart) in order to improve purposeful teaching and child outcomes and build out child portfolios.
  • 9F: Children Learning with Nature, in Wisconsin and Throughout the U.S. – Gerry Slater, Wisconsin Nature Action Collaborative for Children, Pam Boulton, Center for Early Childhood Professional Development and Leadership, Jennifer Trudell, Howard-Suamico School District, Laura Peszko, Shining Star Child Care, Heidi Duren, Small World…New Beginnings Preschool, and Carmen Rivers, UW-Whitewater
    • This session will inform participants of the great work happening in Wisconsin by schools, centers, administrators, teachers and organizations and will include images and contact information. Attendees will learn of action programs, organizations and people throughout the U.S. that are available as resources to support their work in connecting young people with nature. The session will also help participants understand the powerful role nature-based experiences can play for their children, teachers and parents.
  • 9G: Utilizing the National Accreditation Commission Classroom Observation Tool to Build Teacher Competency – Presented by Colleen Tracy Haddad, AELL
    • This session will illustrate how to incorporating the Classroom Observation as a useful tool to not only an tool assess classroom quality but to build teacher competency.  Each participant will receive a copy of the Classroom Observation tool.
  • Tour: Growing Generations
    • Meet in The Osthoff lobby by 9:30 a.m. to depart on a tour of Growing Generations, an Intergenerational Center located in Plymouth.  Transportation will be provided, and the cost to tour is $15.  Advance registration is required.