Our Mission:
To Support Each Other As Child Care Administrators in Providing Quality Programming for Wisconsin’s Families.

WCCAA is active at local, regional, state, and national levels. WCCAA is represented on many advisory committees and boards and provides quality training by hosting a statewide conference each year. As child care administrators, your needs are our goals.

EBT Card Victory

A Victory for Quality Child Care: It is always dangerous to declare victory in the government relations world because you never know what might happen next and you need to live by the "devil in the details" mantra.

That being said, advocates for quality child care -- led by the Wisconsin Child Care Administrators Association and WCCAA President Beverly Anderson -- scored a victory this week when the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) released its latest plans for its Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) program, and, contrary to earlier plans, the YoungStar Quality Bonus will not be placed on the cards, at least during the transition phase of the program.

WCCAA and other groups were told this was a lost cause, but we persevered. We kept making the case for why sending the bonuses to providers benefits the children and families who need quality early education and care. We look forward to continuing to work with key policymakers to ensure a great child care system for Wisconsin for the future.

Letter from Past President Beverly Anderson

Dear WCCAA Members,

I have served as your President for the past three years. As I reflect back on this time, I am in awe of all the WCCAA Board has accomplished. Just a few of the highlights are:

• Recreated all WCCAA By-Laws
• Rewrote all WCCAA policies and procedures
• Reorganized the WCCAA regions from six to nine
• Experienced many, many legislative efforts and victories (the highlight being the YoungStar bonus separated from the EBT Card ~ yes, this was totally due to WCCAA’s work and our Lobbyist’s, Jack O’Meara)
• Reorganized committees and set goals
• Contracted with a Management Agency, TEAM, to help WCCAA with daily operations and administrative work
• Established a stronger voice for WCCAA (created good, strong relationships with some key legislators who have helped us in the Governor’s office and with DCF)

It really has been an amazing few years to have served as President. I am so incredibly proud of all of these hard working women! We all know what a full-time (and then some) job running a child care center/agency is. On top of that, being dedicated to WCCAA and producing all these outstanding accomplishments is beyond words. I thank all of you who have served during my term from the bottom of my heart.

I leave you in wonderful hands. I have no doubt that the new Executive Committee will accomplish a great deal and continue to lead and strengthen WCCAA. This team will include:

President: Becky Helf, Director, University Child Care Center-University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Vice-President: Ann Potter, Director, Our Sheperd Child Care Center - Appleton
Treasurer: Wendy Bahr, Director/Administrator, TenderCare, Christian Child Care - Milwaukee
Secretary: Kelly Zdanovec, Executive Director, Davis Child Care Center - Oshkosh

As we look ahead to 2017, I want to challenge all of you to reach out to a colleague and tell him/her about WCCAA and the benefits of being a member. I’m sure you each have your own story to tell, but the support we provide each other, and the impact we have had legislatively is huge! If we grow in numbers, our voice only becomes stronger. If you are active on Facebook, like us! Help us spread the word about WCCAA!

Thank you again to everyone for the support you have shown me as well as WCCAA. Let’s make 2017 a great year!


Beverly J. Anderson