Scholarship Application Process

Scholarships may be used by Administrators who are members to attend the WCCAA Annual Conference.

Applications will be reviewed every other month and the final round of scholarship applications specific to the Annual Conference will be reviewed in January…..Apply Today!

The scholarship committee will review and rate applications based on scholarship requests, number of applicants, quality of applications, and how the proposed request will impact the field of Early Childhood Education. The committee’s recommendations will be forwarded to the WCCAA Board for their approval of the awards to be granted.

The final grant requirement is that all recipients will create a display board that demonstrates the knowledge that was gained through the training and to show appreciation for the Rosie Baker Scholarship. These boards will be displayed at the annual WCCAA Conference.

Scholarships can be awarded up to $500.00 per year, or a total of $1000 in a 3-year period. You may apply for only one scholarship per year. You must be a current WCCAA member for at least one year before applying to be eligible. You must apply prior to the start of the event.

Click here to access the application. Please send completed application and questions to the Scholarship Committee: