WCCAA committees include the following:


The Advocacy Committee is the liaison between legislative issues in the state/federal government, and WCCAA. They will meet as needed to review current legislative issues and shall be responsible for the advocacy and liaison relationships with local, state and federal legislative and regulatory bodies in ference to the provisions of quality child care services.

Committee Co-Chairs :: Joan Beck – & Renae Henning,

Board Development:

The Board Development Committee is responsible for maintaining the organization’s policies and procedures, making sure they follow and adhere to the established by-laws.  Through the year, the committee will handle nominations of the executive board and board directors. They will also review submitted scholarships at every board meeting and will call for nominations for the WCCAA award for individuals and organizations that are champions of children.

Committee Chair :: Nancy Fliehr –

Conference (sub-committee to Marketing & Membership):

The Conference Committee will assist the Management Association in preparing for the yearly conference. The committee reports directly to the WCCAA Vice President. The committee will serve as a liaison with the WCCAA Management Association. They will meet periodically as deemed necessary by the committee and the Management Association to ensure that all aspects of the event are completed.  It is also expected that members of the Committee attend the conference and assist with the set-up before the conference begins and clean-up at the end of the last day. The Conference Coordinator will report back on progress of the planning to the full board at each meeting. Beyond these responsibilities, goals will be established yearly.

Committee Chair :: Jessie Streichert –

Education and Training:

The Education and Training Committee works on the various aspects of professional development, keeping the Board Directors informed of changes in those areas so that we can inform our members.  They help plan regional training and education if needed while also being responsible for collecting applications for, and awarding, our scholarships and recognition awards.

Committee Chair :: Tammy Imme – & Chanel Clark,


The responsibilities of the WCCAA Executive Committee are to ensure the effectiveness of the board in governing and supporting WCCAA and its affairs, be a spokesperson for WCCA, ensure that board matters are handled properly and to lead and guide WCCAA in advancing its mission and vision.

Committee Chair :: Becky Helf –


The Finance Committee is to meet a minimum of two times per year. One meeting is to conduct an independent audit and review the books, reporting to the Board at the next scheduled meeting, while the second is to prepare the budget which will be presented to the full Board during the November meeting. The Finance Committee may be called to meet whenever the full Board feels action is necessary.

Finance Committee Chair :: Wendy Bahr –

Marketing and Membership:

The WCCAA Membership/Marketing Committee is responsible for promoting and developing awareness and public relations for WCCAA. They will assist board directors in regional development and training. The committee will work closely with the WCCAA Management Association to increase awareness of WCCAA and increase membership. They will also work with the Management Association to add value to membership, any press release, eblasts and creation of marketing materials. Beyond these responsibilities, goals will be established yearly.

Committee Chair :: Beverly Anderson –

Scholarship (sub-committee to Finance):

Committee Chair :: Kris Behrendt –