Recognition Award

Nominate an individual or business for a WCCAA Recognition Award.

Every year WCCAA asks our membership to nominate individuals who have made a significant contribution to the field of early care and education in the state of Wisconsin. The contribution can take a variety of forms and could be an administrator of a child care program, a resource person, a government or civic official, a person in the media or communication field, or a philanthropist. Our board then considers these nominations and selects one individual to receive a recognition award at our annual conference.

In addition, we also seek nominations each year for corporations who have made note-worthy contributions in some way to better children and families in our state. WCCAA firmly believes that corporations can play a tremendous role in supporting quality child care. This also can happen in a variety of ways – implementing family-friendly policies for employees, providing child care assistance for families, giving financial or other support to existing quality child care programs, generating public awareness of issues that affect children and families, etc.

Nominations for Individual and Corporation awards are accepted from December through January 15th. The deadline for accepting nominations is January 15th. Nominations are then reviewed, and the WCCAA Board makes a decision at the January Board Meeting. Recipients are notified and awards are presented at the Annual Conference.

A look back at some of our honored previous recipients:

Individual Award

  • 1997 David Linsmeier
  • 1997 Vicky Lenzlinger
  • 1998 Rosemary Troia Baker
  • 1999 Jere Wallden
  • 2000 Pam Boulton
  • 2000 Walter Schwede
  • 2001 Karen Driscoll
  • 2001 Chandra Morris
  • 2002 Laura Jo Pearson
  • 2003 Bessie Gray
  • 2004 Ena Faye Benedict
  • 2004 Chip Donohue
  • 2005 Mary Madsen
  • 2006 Jo Johnson
  • 2006 Jim Leonhart
  • 2006 Barb Meulemans
  • 2007 George Hagenauer
  • 2007 Fran Kielas
  • 2008 Jim Ryan
  • 2008 Verna Drake
  • 2008 Becky Wurzer
  • 2009 Marilyn Krinker
  • 2010 Beryl Anders
  • 2011 Mary Motquin, Helen Godfrey, Dan Riedel
  • 2012 Bonnie Paisar, Michael Conway
  • 2013 Beverly Anderson, Deborah Komp, Dotty Lillo
  • 2014 Laura Saterfield, Sue Lorenz, Isabella Bauer
  • 2015 Maida Sawyer, Rosemary Krause, Janey Brandt, Stephanie Kober
  • 2016 Senator Julie Lassa
  • 2017 Representative Mark Born
  • 2018 Anne Carmody
  • 2019 Ron Strege

Corporate Award

  • 1999 Monroe Clinic
  • 1999 JanSport
  • 2000 LaCausa & Ft. Atkinson Memorial Hospital
  • 2001 Next Generation Now & Commercial Communications
  • 2002 St. Mary’s, Green Bay
  • 2004 Promega
  • 2007 Hans Lenzlinger/New Glarus Hotel
  • 2008 Kohl’s Kids Care Kollege
  • 2009 SC Johnson/Bright Horizons Family Solutions
  • 2011 Good Karma Broadcasting
  • 2012 Right Way Shuttle of Eau Claire
  • 2013 Farmers & Merchants Bank
  • 2014 Jentle Yoga and Life (Jennifer Culver)
  • 2019 Mark Tyler, Founder and President of OEM Fabricators, Inc.