Rosie Troia-Baker Scholarship

This scholarship fund was established in the name of Rosemary Troia Baker, or “Rosie” as she was most often known, in recognition of the respect and appreciation our organization has for the many ways Rosie demonstrated her deep love for people, and most especially children.

Rosie passed away in 2005, but her legacy lives on as we continue to help educators have an impact on the lives of young children.

Administrators and Directors of Child Care Centers now have financial support to assist with future training and education they are seeking.

The Rosemary Troia Baker Scholarship is open to any Individual Member of the Wisconsin Child Care Administrators Association. The scholarship fund awards monies for the purpose of continuing education and training for child care administrative personnel.

The WCCAA recognizes that the role of the child care administrator is a challenging one and that center budgets often do not allow for continuing education for administrators.  It is the belief of the WCCAA that center administrators can best meet the needs of children when they have the resources to remain current in the field.  WCCAA has chosen to establish this award in the name of long time member Rosemary Troia Baker, “Rosie”, because of her outstanding efforts to provide quality child care for all families, regardless of income, as well as being a constant mentor to fellow administrators and the parents she served. In 1998, WCCAA recognized Rosie with our annual Recognition Award. This scholarship, first awarded in 2000, continues our desire to express our thanks for her dedication to the children of Wisconsin.



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