Professional Development

Rosie Troia-Baker Scholarship

WCCAA 2022 Conference Session Offerings:

  • Managing You Before Managing Them
  • How Can Child Care Center Insurance Protect You?
  • “Panic Mode” – Business Continuity & Emergency Planning
  • ACE’s in the classroom
  • Director’s Panel Discussion – A variety of program profiles with directors who have extensive knowledge in the field
  • Conversations That Work
  • Continuous Care (Looping) Model… the next steps for the good of children, families, and staff!
  • The 4-Step Approach for Recruitment, Retention, and Empowering the Workforce
  • Let’s Take a 2nd Look! Classroom Safety and Loss Prevention
  • We’ve Trained Everyone in Pyramid Model…Now What??
  • Beyond Budgeting – Understanding Profitability, Revenue, Cost Drivers, and Cash Management in Today’s Child Care Environment
  • The Yell and Tell 4-Step Children’s Safety Program
  • Communication is more than texting!
  • Supporting the Grieving Student
  • Learning Continues at Home—Building Partnerships with Families
  • Planning Stellar Staff Meetings
  • Onboarding VS Orientation: Moving Beyond the Staff Orientation Checklist
  • Employee Trifecta: Happy, Engaged, Motivated
  • Revitalizing Performance Review
  • Thoughts on Initiating Climate Change in the Workplace
  • Legislative Panel Discussion